Find every &$%# SVG icon on your computer

SVGX is the desktop SVG browser designers and developers wished they had.

SVGX desktop SVG icon manager
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SVGX desktop SVG icon manager

Locate any SVG

Powerful search tracks your SVG icons across deeply nested folders.

SVGX features: Preview & zoom

Preview & zoom

See how SVG files render on screen. Zoom in for more detail, or out for the big picture.

SVGX features: Backgrounds


Check out how your icons look on transparent or colored backgrounds.

SVGX features: Dark mode

Dark mode

What works best for your eyes.

SVGX features: Copy markup

Copy markup

Copy the SVG code to the clipboard, then paste it in your projects. Either the whole thing or the inner markup.

SVGX features: URL encoding

URL encoding

Copy/paste URL-encoded SVG code.

SVGX features: Background image CSS

Background image CSS

Copy/paste background-image code ready to be used in your CSS.

SVGX features: Background repeat

Background repeat

Got SVG patterns? Preview the image with various background-repeat, background-position, and background-size values, then grab the generated code.

SVGX features: SVG optimization

SVG optimization

Built-in SVG optimization using the popular SVGO library.

SVGX features: Recents


Found something you fancied but forgot where? Find it in Recents.

SVGX features: Bookmarks


Going back often to the same SVGs? Bookmark your favorites to access them quickly.

SVGX features: Export


Export the original or optimized SVG.

Download for Mac
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SVGX-0.18.4.dmg v0.18.4 • 93 MB
Download for Windows
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SVGX-0.18.4+Setup.exe v0.18.4 • 126 MB

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